Many of the buyers that we deal with on a daily basis in real estate, have been coming to or are drawn to the Georgian Triangle due to the many recreational sports the area offers. Long known as the ski capital of Ontario, the area now is home to many other outdoor activities that is making it a popular choice for both part-time recreational users as well as for retirees. Golf, hiking, biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are but some of the many activities available to those seeking an active outdoor lifestyle.

  The area however also offers much more than just outdoor sports to keep one busy and physically healthy. There is also a plethora of other interests in this area which are not typically found in smaller communities. I grew up and lived in Toronto for 30+ years before moving to Collingwood in 1985. Following seven years of living here, I spent four years in Chicago before returning in 1998. When I am not working, I spend what leisure time I can afford during the summer at my cottage on Manitoulin Island. Make no mistake about it, I like small towns and will never move back to the city but let’s face it, most small places are what can only be described as a cultural wasteland. Not so here. We have a myriad of social activities to satisfy most tastes, enough so as to prolong the need to head south to Toronto or elsewhere for a cultural “fix” now and then. This includes an active arts community, live theatre, a film club, live concerts and more. Last weekend I attended a concert at the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood which was essentially a tribute concert of the 70’s rock group “The Band.” The band that played is known as King Harvest, named after one the original group’s many songs. Members of King Harvest are all local musicians, further testimony to the multitude of talented individuals that call this area home. The show drew a standing ovation, the quality of the performance was excellent and the Gayety was literally rockin.
  As I have stated many times, one of my favourite quotes comes from the author David Foot that wrote the book Boom, Bust, Echo. In that book Mr. Foot states that: “…real estate is affected far more by demographics than it is by economics…” Nowhere is this more evident than in the Georgian Triangle. The demographics driving our real estate market are those individuals with a variety of interests and a multitude of talent that once thrived only in the large urban areas to the south of us. Whether you are in to music, theatre, painting, film or a host of other non-active recreational activities, we truly do offer something for everyone.