If I was to select just one word right now that speaks to how many of us feel about dealing with the COVID-19 virus for me it would be “challenged.”

In reality, I am fine with working from home and thankfully, technology allows us to do that.  Even lining up at the grocery store and other retail outlets that are open is okay.  I was at Costco in Barrie last week, they were extremely well organized, efficient and courteous.  While it wasn’t the “normal” shopping experience we are accustomed to, I got everything we needed (and more) and it illustrated to me how we as humans can quickly adapt to things.  Maybe once COVID-19 is behind us, the new “normal” if there is one won’t be so bad.

We are now approaching the first of May, the weather is improving and our thoughts turn to summer.  For my family and I this is typically an exciting time of year, the start of cottage season.  No one likes cottage life better that myself and my family. I have owned my place on Manitoulin for 47 years, my wife and I are avid boaters, swimmers, hikers and enjoy everything the cottage lifestyle offers as do my kids who have grown up there. I have already accepted the fact that I may very well not be able to or shouldn’t open my cottage up this summer, the dock will stay piled on the shore where we place it last fall and the boat will stay stored in the garage

Like the residents of Ontario, cottage owners across the province are being encouraged at least for now to stay home.  The Manitoulin Expositor newspaper published an Open Letter from the entire health care community there asking seasonal residents to stay home!

This Open Letter outlines the limited medical services etc. that are often found in rural communities and it clearly explains why cottagers are being asked to stay at home. It’s not that we are not welcomed, they simply don’t have the resources to handle full time residents during this global pandemic much less seasonal ones as well.

It’s not just front line medical workers that need our support, it’s also the police, firefighters some of whom in rural areas including ours are volunteers and others all of whom are being taxed right now to the max. We need to stop whining about golf courses being closed and boat launch ramps blocked off. Is it affecting us mentally, socially and economically? Absolutely but until COVID-19 is under control which may well take into the fall, cases in Ontario are rising as are deaths.

What’s worse, making a short term sacrifice of our normal lifestyles or the irreversible sacrifice of increased deaths (some of which could be your family members) such as what is happening in the U.S. which as of today totals 54,239 and counting. The answer is clear to me.

For those of you that are like me and own a cottage, what are your plans for the summer ahead?

As always, please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions or concerns relative to your specific real estate situation either now as we fight COVID-19 or in the months ahead.   I am always willing to act without obligation as your guide to help you through these uncertain times.