Over the past few years drones have become increasingly popular both for personal as well as business use.  One of the most effective uses for drone photos and videos has been in the marketing of real estate, but it’s not all fun and games.

  Back in 2013, I was one of the first REALTORS® in our area to use aerial photos in marketing my my listings and this photo was one of the first properties I had aerial photos taken off for the listing brochure.  At the time, drones as we know then today did not yet exist.  The company I hired for this photos and others used a radio controlled helicopter with a Sony digital camera mounted to it.  The operator was licensed, insured and well skilled and used him on many other occasions as well.

Aerial photography, drone technology and the laws governing their use have come a long way and I have written about this in prior posts.  Drones are considered to be an aircraft and technically they are often referred to as being a UAV which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.Two years ago I was smitten but the drone bug and purchased one of the own.  The drone I purchased is not a toy and most countries including Canada treat them for what they are an aircraft.  My drone is essentially a very sophisticated tool that I initially used for pleasure but have since integrated into my real estate practice.

Transport Canada implemented new regulations for drone use that took affect  on June 1st of this year.  Drones must now be registered with Transport Canada and to operate you you must be a both a proficient and licensed pilot.   I spent 20 hours in a ground school class just as I would have to obtain my pilot’s license for an airplane.  Many hours were then spent studying the required materials to write the pilot exam for Basic Certification which in itself was a challenge.  I was very pleased to pass the exam on my first attempt, as with anything preparation pay off.  I am now a fully licensed drone pilot and my drone is also registered with Transport Canada.  In my many hours of flying I have yet to crash my drone and or endanger anyone of anything.  As will anything, common sense, the appropriate skills and precautions always pays off, safety should never be com

Transport Canada requires that as of June 1, 2019 all drone must be registered. As you can see, my is with both my registration # as well as my cellular phone number.


Over the past couple of years I have spent a considerably amount of time enhancing my flying skills along with many hours spent in the air taking photos and shooting video some of it while travelling around new Zealand.  Now that I meet all the new legal requirements here in Canada I an looking forward to enhancing my marketing offering to my valued real estate clients.  The Canadian Real Estate Association has published a good article the use of drones for real estate photography. Enjoy!