Great article on the democratic election process by Ian Adams and well worth the read.

  I ran in the last municipal election for Collingwood Council and I am not afraid to admit that the 38 vote shortfall Ian mentions in this article between getting elected and not was me.  While I was disappointed at the time I took pride in my campaign efforts and the contribution I made in bringing forth change to the town’s municipal government.

  People that supported my efforts last time have asked why I did not run in this election.  The simple reason is having sold my home earlier this year I no longer live or own property in Collingwood and now reside in Clarksburg.  Nonetheless my interest in this community, province and country have not diminished and I have actively but quietly followed the current election process.  My children were both born in Collingwood.. My son and his girlfriend have just moved back to Collingwood so like everyone I have a vested interest in the well being and future of the communities I am affiliated with. 

  I have cast my vote in both the Blue Mountains as well as on Manitoulin Island where I own properties.  I did my research of the candidates which isn’t hard and asked questions when needed.

  On Monday it will be interesting to see if my choices made a difference in helping those I voted for get elected.  More importantly it will be interesting to follow the process to see if those elected to their Council positions serve their respective communities in the best interest of the public at large during the next four years.