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Be Informed. Be Conscientiously Represented.
Be 100% Satisfied.

Luxury Marketr Overview

Download a copy of my 2018 Year End Carriage Tradee Homes Market Review below and visit my Southern Georgian Bay Carriage Trade Homes blog for further details.

The demand for luxury, upper end home and condominium properties continues to grow across the southern Georgina Bay region. With over 18 years experience as a Broker, Market Value Appraiser and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist I use my knowledge and expertise to best serve my Sellers and Buyers looking to complete a luxury property purchase or sale transaction in Collingwood, Blue Mountain or elsewhere throughout the southern Georgian Bay region.

Unlike “conventional” residential real estate, the luxury home market is: Limited, Distinctive and Exclusive and these characteristics alone dictate that a unique approach needs to be taken to best serve both Sellers and Buyers in this prestigious segment of the market.

I understanding the nuances of both the clientele and the properties in this growing segment of our area’s real estate market. It requires skills and marketing initiatives that are as unique and different as the properties themselves and the clientele they appeal to. See my Southern Georgian Bay luxury home blog to find out more.

Through the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing®, I am a fully “Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist®” specifically trained in the marketing and sale of luxury homes, condominiums and chalets. I believe that a traditional “comparable market analysis” (CMA) alone does not begin to satify the task of establishing the current market value of a luxury property being listed for sale when in essence, every luxury, high-end property is “incomparable.”

Leveraging my skills as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist®, a Market Value Appraiser (MVA Residential) and the Royal LePAGE “Carriage Trade” brand, I have listed and sold numerous area properties ranging in price from $1 to over $3 million. On occasion I have acted for both Buyer(s) and Seller(s) in a multiple representation or “Dual Agency” capacity, completing the transaction to the satisfaction of both parties while protecting their mutual best interests and confidentiality while respecting their privacy. This has earned me respect as their “Trusted Advisor” securing me their repeat business, testimonials and referrals for other high net worth clients.

Today’s real estate consumers want a REALTOR® that will take the time to listen to their needs, wants and desires. This is even more prevalent in the luxury market where clients seek a real estate professional who knows how to relate to and serve the needs of the affluent. As a full-time, experienced real estate Broker and having previously held senior executive positions with both private and public corporations, I realize my luxury home clients’ time is both limited and invaluable. Whether it is leveraging technology to improve the home selection process for Buyer(s) or exposing Seller(s) luxury home listings to qualified and appfreciative Buyers, the goal is to obtain the desired results with as little inconvenience to my clients as possible.

Buying and or Selling any home can be an emotional decision and especially so for properties of distinction. While today’s ever-changing technology such as “electronic signatures” assists in making transactions flow more smoothly, it does and should not replace the personal, face-to-face contact needed with clients viewing properties together or negotiating the purchase terms with another REALTOR®.

Any REALTOR® can put a sign in front of a home, or place the listing on the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service.) Luxury residential properties warrant and require more time, attention and expertise to obtain the desired results. Let my skills and the tools offered by the Royal LePAGE “Carriage Trade” program show you how we’re as distinctive as the luxury home clients and properties we cater to. My analytic research helps both Buyer(s) and Seller(s) realize a selling and or purchase price that is comforting and reflective of current market value, conditions and characterisrtics.

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller I want you to:

  • Be Informed – with current and accurate market information.
  • Be Conscientiously Represented- legally, ethically and confidentially.
  • Be 100% Satisfied – with your experience.

Ultimately I will assist you every step of the way to ensure that once your real estate transaction has been completed you will:

In closing, whether it is to assist you with the purchase of your first luxury home as a principal residence, a secondary property for weekend use or in engaging my services to sell your current luxury home property, I look forward to working with you as your “trusted advisor.” Contact me for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your personal real estate objectives.

For further information on the upper end luxury home and condominium market in the southern Geworgian Bay region please download the latest copy of my Southern Georgian Bay Carriage Trade Homes newsletter below.

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