Welcome to my newest blog, Southern Georgian Bay Carriage Trade Homes.  With upper end, luxury properties becoming an increasingly important segment of the local real estate market, I decided it was time to share with you, the distinctive aspects of luxury home ownership.  Whether you currently own a luxury, upper end property, are intending to purchase one or just like dream,  I will try to offer something here for everyone. 
  What constitutes a luxury property? From a monetary perspective we typically consider anything that falls in the top 10% of the market as being as being an upper end luxury property.  In the southern Georgian Bay area that is any home or condo that is valued over $750,000.  But value alone does not necessarily make a property worthy of a luxury home Carriage Trade designation.  
  The accompanying graph illustrates southern Georgian Bay luxury home and condo sales during the past 5 years.  Just like the overall real estate market in general, this segment of the market took a downturn during the 2008 recession by has bounced back significantly since then. 
  In future postings I will  share with you what today’s luxury property buyers are looking for.