Marketing your luxury home, condo or cottage is not a process to be taken lightly.  Most properties at the upper end of the real estate market are unique.  Many have been lovingly designed and created by their owners and as such, they appeal to a select group of buyers each motivated by their own specific and often particular tastes.  

  Higher end luxury properties typically take longer to sell.  Buyers in this realm of real estate are obviously are not as prevalent as those looking for a $300,000 or $400,000 home and it is not at all uncommon for a $2 or $3 million property to be on the market for a year or two before attracting a worthy buyer.  Simply pounding a For Sale sign in the front lawn is not enough and doing nothing more will result in frustration for the seller(s) and listing REALTOR alike.  There are many initiatives that can be implemented to effective market a luxury, high-end property and I will share some of them in upcoming posts.  One however that I would like to touch on herein is the use of aerial photography.  

 Traditionally, taking aerial photos required engaging a photographer and a pilot with a plane or a helicopter to circle a subject property for the purpose of taking photos.  These were typically somewhat distant shots given the ceiling restrictions that exist for conventional aircraft.  All that has changed however with the advent of small unmanned drones with cameras and video recorders that can capture photos and video footage from a few feet above the ground to as high as 400 feet or more.   
 I started using this photographic technique back in 2012 as did some of my Royal LePAGE colleagues.  The quality of the photos was and is superb and the fact that they are captured at a relatively low altitude makes them even more unique.  The drone in the accompanying photo is the latest generation of these devices and was used to take the photos of this waterfront property that I have just brought to market.  The operator is a very skilled pilot who has shot hundreds of photos including homes, cottages, condos, gold courses and more.  He is licensed and fully insured should something go wrong.  
  This type of photography not only goes a long way in highlighting the features of a special property from a unique perspective literally, but also serves to give potential buyers a glimpse of the surrounding neighbourhood or area.  Online photos play a huge role in attracting buyers.  Many times, the properties that a buyer(s) selects to view first hand is determined by the number and quality of photos they view looking at listings online.  As such, I am fussy about the photos taken of my listings both inside and out which is why I am committed to using drone photography wherever it is appropriate. 

  Exterior photos is not the only area where advancements in  technology have had an impact.  In my next posting I will cover what we are doing with respect to interior shots that best serves to show our seller clients homes in their best light.
  If you are thinking of selling your property and would like to discuss how photos of the type shown here could be used highlight your home and property, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.  As always I remain committed to “Redefining Your Real Estate Experience.”