Today is the first day of September.  Many kids are back in school, for most summer holidays are behind us, we are back to a regular work schedule and life is getting back to normal as best as it can with COVID 19 still unwilling to surrender.

On September 20th, Canadians will be going to the polls for a Federal Election with advance voting days being held on September 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Over the years I have always had a keen interest in politics and government at all levels, municipal, provincial and federal.  My political interest includes not only Canada but also the U.S. where I lived and worked from 1992 to 1996.  My daughter who is married with a four year old daughter, lives in Hawaii plus I have American friends hence my interest is U.S. politics has a personal connection.  Many people know that I ran and was narrowly defeated for Collingwood Council back in 2014, one year before the Trudeau Liberals were first elected to office.

As I have stated before I do not belong to any particular party at either the provincial or federal level.  My personal philosophy and belief is that different times call for different measures and or policies.  Further, I am not going to stand in support of a party that has poor leadership or if the party itself lacks the credentials that I feel are needed to effectively govern in the best interests of everyone overall giving the current circumstances.

During the next nineteen days I am not going to engage in the political rhetoric that is bound to consume social media such as Facebook, Twitter or other forms of online communication.  Leading up to the election when deciding how to vote, I believe that Canadians need to ask themselves one simple question: “Who do I trust?”

On the surface, the matter of determining your level of “trust” in someone or something appears to be a fairly simple question to answer.  Is it?  In Stephen Covey’s book titled “The Speed of Trust,” the author states that trust is made up of two major components: character and competence each of which has a subset of characteristics.

Character includes a person’s integrity, motives and intent or purpose with people.  Competence on the other hand includes a person’s capabilities, skills, the results they have or can deliver and lastly their track record.  Both of these two are fundamental requirements that compliment each other and are necessary in obtaining a person’s trust.  When it comes times to vote, these are the credentials that I will be looking at in terms of gauging my level of trust in the party, selecting a local MP and indeed our next Prime Minister.

Being of good character is no longer an option.  There’s no getting by with having questionable character.  In the global environment in which we live, having good character is simply an ever constant, entry level quality that a person, a business and yes a government must have.  Thanks to social media, a good or bad experience with a person’s character or business can and often is communicated online globally in mere minutes.

Competence on the other hand can vary based on given situations.  Example:  I always strive to be of impeccable character with the highest level of integrity, honesty, motives and with other’s best interests always my ultimate objective.  I am very experienced and possess numerous skills, knowledge and other qualities that have always helped me to be a successful as a trusted husband, father, business leader and now as a real estate Broker.  Would you trust me to be your heart surgeon?  No.  It takes a much different skill set  (competence) to put someone else’s health and well being in your hands.

As a real estate Broker for over twenty years, my main focus is and always will be in achieving the highest level of trust I can.  That is something that can only be earned.  Whether it’s to my family, friends, acquaintances, my valued clients, fellow real estate colleagues, to consumers or with people I meet on the street or in a social situation, establishing myself as someone they can trust is of the utmost of importance to me.  Without their trust, nothing else matters as delivering a good or bad experience to someone will make or break you and no where is this more evident than in politics.

When determining how to vote I believe that we all need to put any partisan beliefs or thoughts aside.  Personally I feel this has never been more important as it is right now as we struggle to recover from a global pandemic that has affected not only Canada but the world.  Our country, ourselves, our kids and grandchildren all deserve and must demand more from those that are asking for our support.  Now more than ever we need to vote for those running for office based on the following: unquestionable “Character” and “Competence.”  Judge the candidate’s and indeed their party’s integrity, their motives and how they have or will engage with Canadians.  What is their level of competence with respect to their skills and or abilities as well as the results they have delivered in the past or the promises they are making for the future.and their overall all track record.  Can they be “trusted” to walk their talk?

Noted investor Warren Buffet once said: We look for three things when we hire people. We look for intelligence, we look for initiative or energy, and we look for integrity. And if they don’t have the latter, the first two will kill you.”  Should the same not apply to those we choose to govern our country?

Whether it’s on September 20th or at an advance poll, get out and vote.  Hopefully this post has provided you with some food for thought as I will not and can not tell you who to vote for.  My only suggestion is to vote with your head and not your heart.  As a proud Canadian I certainly will.

As always I welcome you comments and questions whether they be real estate related or otherwise…..