One of the issues I see with today’s newer homes is a lack of garage, storage and other space.  The province of Ontario’s mandate is to cut urban sprawl by reducing lot sizes, building up rather than out thus increasing housing density.  While I appreciate the positive impact this may have on the environment, it forces us to adapt a different lifestyle, one that I personally am not fond of, rather I like my space.

Even in the southern Georgian Bay area all one needs to do is look at the new subdivisions that are being built.  Relatively large two storey homes on postage stamp sized lots that are 30 or 40 feet wide.  As the late comedian George Carlin said:  “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”   With the advent of smaller sized garages, cars sit outside on the driveway, they are getting smaller as well, or on street creating what is essentially in my mind at least a pretty ugly “streetscape.”  When I was growing up down in Don Mills a suburb of Toronto, the streets were clear of vehicles, we rode our bikes and played road hockey, those days seem to be gone.

Many of the buyers in the southern Georgian Bay market are often retirees or young families looking for what they feel is a better lifestyle away from dense urban areas.  They have cars, bikes, kayaks sporting goods equipment and other “stuff” all of which needs storage space.  Perhaps this explains why most of the public storage units in the area are full?

When showing homes in the area to my buyer clients, garage space is often a concern, the more space the better.  Being able to park vehicles inside a garage especially in the winter is desirable.  When my wife and I traded her Jeep for a pick-up truck, selecting a truck that would fit inside our double garage was a priority.  Even then, we added a lift to our garage which allows us to store her summer car a older Corvette inside above one of our two everyday drivers.

In addition to being an avid car enthusiast and restorer, I also have hobbies such as woodworking that requires you guessed it…  My son who lives in Collingwood has like me,  become an avid builder of things such as furniture and recently built a nice live edge coffee table for his home.  To that end, we need more space for our hobbies so I have decided to build another garage at the rear of our property.  It was actually my wife’s idea, how lucky am I?

After much thought and research I decided I wanted something similar to this.  A large double car garage 32 feet wide and 24 feet deep with a separate workshop.  The plans have been drawn (see below) I have had a grading plan done which is required to obtain a building permit from the municipality of the Blue Mountains.  The site has been cleared and I will be ready to start once the warmer weather is here.  I like home projects and fortunately I have the skills to do a lot of the work myself as two of my uncles were contractors that I worked with in the summer.  I will also solicit some help from my son (who will be a benefactor of this project) which will help to keep costs down.

If you have need inspiration for a project around your home this spring whether it’s a garage, storage space, kitchen, bathroom or other ideas, visit my Pinterest page.  I have set up many boards on this page with a variety of photos and some great ideas for your home.  My Home Ȼents Help Tips page has some helpful article as well, included one titled Creating More Closet Space In Your Home

If nothing else, always feel free to Contact Me and I ‘d be happy to share my thoughts and recommendations relative to what you would like to have and the value it might add to your property.

Look for future posts on this build once I start work in the spring.